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intercession.. I love that word. It reminds me of how Christ has interceded for us.

Ben's specific prayer is great. I have a friend who just got out of jail for a DUI charge. We have been praying for him, but I have never thought to pray in such a specific way.

I love your reflections site. I need to start a prayer journal. I have been struggling with my faith for a few years now. I feel like I am closer to God than I had been, but not where I want to be.
About 4 years ago I felt God was so close I could reach out and touch Him. Then I had something happen that literally tore my world apart (this was all before I started blogging). I almost gave up on my faith and going to church. Throughout these past few years, there has been much healing that has taken place, but my faith has never been completely restored to that relationship I had before. I am working on it, although probably not as hard as I should be.
I love reading posts like this, it is a reminder and a nudge in the right direction.
Have a great day, Elizabeth. You are a very special person :)

Hi Elizabeth - I really like your thoughts here - we have a prayer list from church and it's so tempting to just read through the list as we pray and ask God to be with so&so and so&so - without really being specific about their needs...

I'm reading you over here! It never ceases to amaze me how good it is to be reminded of the things I "know" - may I never tire of it! Thank you for sharing!

I often pray for the opportunity to be able to help.

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